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How do I apply multiple product categories/sub-categories to individual products?

I'm a Drupal newbie, and well, overall CMS and web design newbie. I am using Commerce Kickstart and trying to develop a product catalog where much of my individual products should ideally be categorized under several product categories. For example (and i'm really serious):
Product- Njoy Pure Wand
should be found under all these sub-categories of Dildo
Dildo>Pure Wand
Dildo>G-Spot>Pure Wand
Dildo>Stainless Steel>Pure Wand
Dildo>Luxury>Pure Wand
and also found under several parent categories
Luxury>Pure Wand
Njoy>Pure Wand
Wood/Glass/Metal>Pure Wand

Well, you get the point. Additionally, I would like to apply several tags to each product to enable a client to search for products by various attributes such as color, function, material, etc.

Can somebody walk me through this? So far it seems that I can only assign one product category to each product. Thanks!

Asked by: acious
on February 18, 2013

3 Answers

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Try this:

1. Go to Structure>Content Types>Product display>Manage fields.
2. Edit the "Product category" field.
3. Near the bottom of the first tab, change "Number of values" to unlimited. Click Save.
4. Go back into editing the "Product category" field, go to the "Widget type" tab and change the type to either "Check boxes/radio buttons" or "Autocomplete term widget" -- whichever you prefer. Click continue.
5. Save your configuration, maybe clear your cache for good measure, and you should be good to go.

One caveat is that your Product Display's breadcrumb "category" value will probably reflect the top-most applicable category (alphabetically?). Not sure how to change that.

Answer by: r
Posted: Feb 20, 2013


This is a good walkthrough for allowing multiple categories per product, but can I add that to see your changes on the public facing pages of your site you will probably need to run cron, and if that doesn't work then you might need to re-save your product fields:
– Go to admin/config/search/search_api
– On your Database index, click on edit, and click Fields (and maybe Facets if this doesn't work)
– Scroll to the bottom of the fields page and hit 'Save fields'

- darri on May 23, 2013

following this comments, will totally destroy your whole system.
be careful.

- harpsichord on May 29, 2013
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I tested the answer by r, it sames not working. it may be assigned multiple values to the product display but it won't show the product which have two or more categories/collections to corresponding categories/collections. I remember saw somewhere in the commerce kick start: it stated it only support one value at the moment, if multiple values have been assigned, it only use the first value. I think it is a really useful feature to be able to put the same product in several different categories. I am not sure about darri's comments. Darri,
have you successfully shown the same product in different categories/collections? If so, please give a detailed instruction on how to do it. Thanks very much!

Answer by: harpsichord
Posted: May 28, 2013
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interested as well.
i am selling a product (a glove) that applies to a ski and a snowboard collection.
when i just add it to one collection (example ski)_ the product shows in the catalog

when i enable multiple values
and edit the product and assign it to both ski and snowboard collection_then the product doesnt show anymore in the catalog at all...

Answer by: mountainmark
Posted: Feb 6, 2014