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Is there a commerce solution ready for file download products?

I installed the first version of kickstart successfully I need to use it or the newer version to create a simple site for dowloading app files (apk,mp4, etc.)
Does it exist an out of the box distribution? Or where I can get a simple step to step to set it and the single page checkout with paypal?
My test site is at http://www.expo2015-italy.com/wocshop/
It could be enough keep it simple how it is...Drupal is powerful but time consuming...I spent many days to learn it but I cannot figure how to handle download products...
Thank you for helping.

Asked by: wocmultimedia
on February 17, 2013


1 Answer

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Answer by: realskorpion
Posted: Feb 17, 2013


I had a first glance at this screencast and it seems what I was looking for. I need more info but first I read the documentation about the module. thanks

- wocmultimedia on February 27, 2013

Hi, I tried to download the Commerce file distribution but it doesn't exist anymore... I need to develop the stor mostly for file download and this is my test site http://www.expo2015-italy.com/wocshop/ what kind of module do I have to add or does the new KickStart 2 is already configured to work out of the box also for file products?
Thanks for helping

- wocmultimedia on April 5, 2013