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How do you add another tab in the main menu?

I'm playing around with kickstart (demo) and I am currently trying to get my head around the process of placing an additional tab in the "Main Menu", i.e. "To Carry", "To Drink With", "To Geek Out", "To Wear"

    and then

"To Read" and then "All Products".

In the demo mode, it appears that the Main Menu tabs are actually the terms listed in Taxonomy > Collection as well as in Product Settings > Categories > Collections. (not sure if those are the same thing)

I also hovered over the Main Menu tabs and I see that the paths for each of those are, "collection/carry, drink, geek-out, wear" etc.

This is where I get confused. When I try to add a link to the main menu, such as "To Read" I am not sure what path to use! From my experience, if it's asking for a path, then something else must have been created in the first place, hence my confusion!

I'm not even sure this is where I start out by doing this. In my mind, I'm looking at this from two different ends for which neither seems to be workable. If I try to make a Menu Tab for a new Product type, I don't have a path and if I try to make a new product type, I have no Menu to place it under. I'm leaning towards creating a new Content Type called "Books" and seeing where that takes me, but I wanted to be sure.

Does anyone have an aspirin?

Asked by: linuxpowers
on February 10, 2013

1 Answer