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What's the point of being able to make some Product Categories the children of others?

Surely clicking a parent should imply the children and display the parent's products AND the children's products. But it doesn't. So what benefit is there?


=== The above is a re-wording (and slight re-focussing) of the original question below ===

How to display child-termed products when parent term is clicked?

This question refers to Commerce Kickstart 2.2
But it may be a general Drupal question rather than Commerce specific.

I have a taxonomy for my catalogue.
It has terms and child terms -- possibly grandchild terms later.
As it is Kickstart, Taxonomy Menu is installed and working.

I have products tagged with child terms only.
When I click child terms in the catalogue menu, the products are displayed.
When I click the parent terms nothing is displayed (except a page header equal to the parent term).

I want the system to display all products tagged with child terms when the parent term in chosen.
The answer here suggests using Views, "If you've overridden the default taxonomy page with views...".

Is there an easier way to display all child content when a parent is selected?

Asked by: AlanQ
on February 3, 2013

3 Answers

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1. Add "Category: All parent terms" to the search index and reindex
2. Remove context filter "Category" from Collection products view
3. Add context filter "Category: All parent terms (indexed)"

Answer by: Ilyas
Posted: Feb 12, 2014
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Very nice @Ilyas. So simple. Just works.
I owe you one! :-)

Answer by: bisonbleu
Posted: Mar 30, 2015