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Implementing context-sensitive help in shopping cart?

Hi --

I'll be documenting a custom system being built around Drupal Commerce and Commerce Kickstart. I'd like to put a "Help" or ? button in various places (Manage Orders screen, for example) that displays brief context-sensitive help with a link to an online help system for more in-depth info. (Only certain user types would see these - e.g. internal sales or service, not the end user/customer.) In some cases, there might be more than one help option on a screen - maybe one for helping them pick a status and another explaining some other function etc.

I'll need to capture which screen and button they clicked and pass that to a database or something that will pop up a particular chunk of text that corresponds to that screen and button.

What do I need to tell my developer to install so I can design and implement a help system like this?

Thanks -- Barbara

Asked by: brsnyder
on January 11, 2013

1 Answer