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Organize products with taxonomy and link to them from /products

I have read about the learning curve about drupal...

From what i have seen I am able to organize my products with taxonomy.
I have installed drupal commerce but without the products of demo store.

So, I have a category "Product category", a variation "Product" and a content type "Product display", wich is fine to start.
For now I have no need to make more content types because the fiels that the "Product" have is just fine.
The question is on hot to link from the "/products" or "/products-category/mycategory" pages to product.

Thank you.

Asked by: seromenho
on December 12, 2012


1 Answer

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Here is the answer: http://www.drupalcommerce.org/discussions/5304/new-install-cant-click-pr...

"change the view 'Product's. The Format must be 'Fields' instead of 'Rendered Entity. Then you add the rendered node as field."

Answer by: seromenho
Posted: Dec 14, 2012


That solution doesn't work for me (I'm using Kickstart 2.1). I've compared my views to the corresponding ones in the demo store and there doesn't seem to be any difference that I can see. Is it possible that there is somewhere outside of views that might be the problem?

- otb on January 24, 2013