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What is a normal proportion for customers to NOT complete checkout?

Sorry for the nebulous question, am looking for any insights from anyone running a live commerce site. Appreciate this figure will vary hugely due to many product factors but am unsure if the proportion of uncompleted orders is even nearly normal on my site (low cost beauty products).
About 60% of customers appear to leave with full carts without paying, leaving no email/login to even gain customer insight.

Absolutely any ideas/insights or opinions good or bad appreciated!

Asked by: seb24
on November 24, 2012

1 Answer

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Any improvements yet?

Might be interested to share tips and tricks. The simple question to this answer is...way to high!

A perfect flow should hit around 100% completed orders. The difficulty with online shops is that it is hard to find out way people do not buy. Is this due to the fact that your marketing is not aligned with your product offering? Is your site design not what customers expect? Are you paying enough attention to the buying funnel and the stage your customers are in that funnel? Do you have to much or maybe to less information on cart and checkout pages? Price?

I strongly believe that due to the lazy nature of people and therefore customers that once they put something in their cart and click through to checkout they are somehow willing to buy. I really believe it comes done to testing, changing, testing, changing etc until you hit the nail.

Answer by: Sem
Posted: Dec 11, 2012