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Taxonomy pages don't show product displays

I have a 'Book' product type and each book has an 'Author' field which is a taxonomy term. Now I put my book product 'Leaves of Grass' under a product display also called 'Leaves of Grass'.
If I then visit the taxonomy term page '/author/walt-whitman' there is nothing to see. I guess that is because the products are not accessible to normal users, but is there any way I can have my 'Leaves of Grass' product display to show on the taxonomy term page without having to put an author field on the product display type also?

Asked by: osd
on September 11, 2012

2 Answers

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I found this for you it worked for me... Edit the view at
click the advanced link then follow the instructions below.

Best of luck.


1) On Specify validation criteria add vocabulary(s) you want to setup with Taxonomy Menu
and want show on term pages or unset "collection" to anable all.
2) Unset "Transform dashes in URL to spaces in term name filter values "

Now , Taxonomy Menu, Collections pages and Terms pages works well.

Answer by: ruffy
Posted: Sep 12, 2012
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I am having major problems with this in the new Kickstart distribution.

I am not using the Taxonomy Menu systems, but kept it on anyway.

I have 2 seperate instances of the exact same site I have been working on, so that I ca A/B test some stuff.

I have a taxonomy setup called discounts, with a term called 'free this month'.

On one instance of this site this field is part of the product varaiation, on the other it is on the content type created by the product (still not 100% as to what the difference is and when to use each but nevermind!)

Anyway, in the instance where the taxonomy field is on the content type, the term links no problem to a taxonomy list page and shows a list of all products tagged witg this.

However, on the version where the field is within the variation this does not work. I get 'There is currently no content classified with this term.'

This is not true....I know there are products with this term.

I am guessing that this has something to do with view, on the forums people have mentioned this view ' collection taxonomy terms' .... this view doesnt exist in Kickstart 2.0.

I disabled the kickstart taxonomy and taxonomy menu modules on both site instance, this had no effect on either, still works ok on one and not at all on the other.


I can only guess my issue has nothing to with the taxonomy menu but something to do with the way the taxonomy term page is building the view??

On one it the field being part of the node is ok, but if the field is part of the variation it is not???

The problem is, if I use the field as part of the node, it breaks a whole heap of other stuff, for example I cant get the search api to create a block to filter by free products and also I cannot get the pricing rule to bring the field into scope to apply the discount (both of which I can achiev if the field is part of the variation!!!)

Very very very frustrating....and very little help here on the drupal commerce forums....I have had several issues with kickstart 2.0 (which is by and large an epic distribuition!) bt so many small bugs and very little support! :(



Thanks in advance.

Answer by: gibry21
Posted: Jun 4, 2013