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Txonomy URL Path not working

I have setup Toxonomy for product type. As normal it's when I click on the term it should list the products with is only match to that perticuler product type. In the kickstart it gives me page not found error. means the path is fine but there is no page.

Is it something with search or, have I missed any configurations. In the demo site I have noticed that the thing I'm talkind is working fine for collection vocabulary items (collection/carry#overlay-context=products). but none of the other are working.

Asked by: thilina570
on September 10, 2012

1 Answer

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Try this... Edit the view at


click the advanced link then follow the instructions below.

Best of luck.


1) On Specify validation criteria add vocabulary(s) you want to setup with Taxonomy Menu
and want show on term pages or unset "collection" to anable all.
2) Unset "Transform dashes in URL to spaces in term name filter values "

Now , Taxonomy Menu, Collections pages and Terms pages works well.

Answer by: ruffy
Posted: Sep 12, 2012



Thank you very very much Ruffy!

yes there was a view to edit there as you told. Now it works fine.
but there is a little error, the path is working fine as I click on the taxonomy but it won't display anything. It is probably with view's contextual filter settings might be.

I'm new to drupal or is there any other way I can fix this.
Thanks again for your time.

- thilina570 on September 20, 2012