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better confirmation email message?

Is there a token to include complete order details in confirmation email - for anonymous buyers/shoppers.

Currently, the default is to sent a message with order number, with link to view order online; however, when "anonymous" purchasing is allowed, this leads to confusion.

I have tried and tried to tried to find a token(s) where I could included order details in conformation email, but to no avail; I have even asked many leaders in Drupal community (happy to name names) and they can't figure out how to do this either; they have made mention of Commerce Message in conjunction with Commerce Backoffice, but when I spun a sandbox environment for testing purposes, it was a mild train wreck; too many issue to name here.

My programming skills are not such that I can create or modify the email message module, but I am happy to work with someone on a simple, practical solution to this common use case.

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Asked by: doug
on April 6, 2015

1 Answer