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Commerce capabilities


Sorry for my english, which is perfectible.
My client asked me for a website with specific constraints.
I'm wondering if Drupalcommerce has every needs ready for use.

Here they are:
- have "partners" who can log in and have personnal account where they can add and sell their own products (only create/add/remove objets with prices, no more rights)
- those products may belong to one or more categories
- it should be possible to search by categories or by partners names or by product names
- it should have paypal and maybe hipay
- maybe (this one is not mandatory): be able to print bills for my clients who will give handover for the product (example: the product is sold 1000 on the market, 980 goes to the "partner" and 20 goes to my client)

Does drupal e-commerce has it (= *only do some configuration*, not hack like all products I've tested do until now: i dont want to code)

Asked by: Olivier Pons
on March 1, 2015

1 Answer

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Hello Olivier,

I'm certainly not an authority, but having worked with Drupal and Drupal Commerce on a couple of projects, I think I can safely say that what you describe might be possible, but that you will have to put a lot of effort into how to configure it to meet your specific needs. Drupal Commerce out of the box is very basic, as far as an e-commerce website goes. Together with Drupal and the many contributed modules available from the community, you have a powerful toolbox for extending Drupal Commerce. The trick is figuring out which parts to connect in what ways will get you the features you need. If you don't want to spend time dealing with code directly, you'll probably end up spending a lot of time writing rules using the Rules module's web interface.

If you have more time than money, you can invest a good amount of your time learning about Drupal and Drupal Commerce to build the site yourself. If you have a budget to put into consulting, you can have specialists who already know Drupal Commerce well get you a head start on the process, jump-starting your learning along the way.

The scenario you describe with multiple people selling products/services on a single site, with logic behind the scenes to decide who gets paid what amounts for each sale, is a complex requirement. It is not a surprise that you haven't found other out-of-the-box solutions. Once you get into functionality with that level of complexity, it's hard to create a single solution that anticipates the variations people will need in their own commerce site, while still offering simple push-button configuration.

Dale Trexel
Answer by: Dale Trexel
Posted: Mar 27, 2015