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Product in Parent & Child Category

I have product in child categories under 1 parent category. Is there away to have them show up in both parent and child category? Any help would be appreciated.


Asked by: dspock
on June 14, 2012


I would like to know this as well. I'm unable to see ANY products under the default Taxonomy term views (on pages such as taxonomy/term/16). Is there something that needs to be added; I tried content display as a filter but perhaps that's not the only item needed?

- bodimon on June 14, 2012

1 Answer

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Hey dspock,

If you've overridden the default taxonomy page with views, you can edit the view and change "Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)" under contextual filters in the advanced section.

Depth modifier description:

The depth will match nodes tagged with terms in the hierarchy. For example, if you have the term "fruit" and a child term "apple", with a depth of 1 (or higher) then filtering for the term "fruit" will get nodes that are tagged with "apple" as well as "fruit". If negative, the reverse is true; searching for "apple" will also pick up nodes tagged with "fruit" if depth is -1 (or lower).

Andy Giles
Answer by: Andy Giles
Posted: Jun 15, 2012


Thank you for this route. I think i will give this a try. One quick question though. Please excuse my ignorance. How do you override the taxonomy that i have already created with the views.

- dspock on June 19, 2012