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Can translate "Order total" from checkout with drupal commerce 7.x-1.3


I have updated to 7.x-1.3 drupal commerce today and "Order total" is again impossible to translate.
I was using previously 7.x-1.1 with the patch that worked perfectly. (http://drupal.org/node/1121722)

Would somebody have an idea ?


Asked by: gylles
on June 3, 2012

4 Answers

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I had the same problem for weeks and it was driving me mad - had a single language site (non-English) and couldn't translate "Order total".

Now I finally solved it, by explicitly setting the source language for the i18n module to "English". You can find further information here:


Answer by: majusz
Posted: Nov 28, 2012
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I also tried the patch in Ryan's post, but it didn't help for me?
I still can't translate the label "Order total"... Is it possible to replace the label in some sort of hook or theming function?

Answer by: svdv
Posted: Jul 27, 2012
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Yes, it would be useful to be able to translate these words.

Answer by: Anonymous (not verified)
Posted: Oct 16, 2012


I have the same problem, with Commerce Kickstart 2 (Commerce 7.x-1.4).

Is there any solution for this?

- amorales on November 7, 2012