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Best way to setup product groups (attributes) ?

My use case is an artist website that sells original paintings as well as prints. The price for the original work is variable, however, the price for prints is always the same no matter which painting is being printed. The print sizes can be sorted in groups of ratios that apply to the dimensions of the original.

For example:

Example 1 - $1000
Example 2 - $1500
Example ? - $ could be any amount

Print Sizes Set 1:
4" x 4" - $25
8" x 8" - $40
10" x 10" - $60

Print Sizes Set 2:
4" x 6" - $30
6" x 9" - $60
8" x 12" - $75

I could setup a product display with product references for the original and each revalent print size. However, the price of the prints never change. That would require the creation of many product types that are little more than an attribute.

It would make more sense to create a product group that could be assigned to the product type for the original (or product display). Is there a way to create a group of products for reuse later on? Almost like attributes?

Asked by: breaks365
on June 2, 2012

2 Answers

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Using Drupal Commerce, we can create Product SKUs, and Product Displays that group SKUs.

Personally, I would create a single SKU for each painting and each size. Finally, I would group these SKUs by painting.

But your question could be answered this way:

1) You could create a SKU for each size of painting that has the same price.
2) You could then create nodes for each painting and then attach each size that you would want to sell that painting
3) During checkout, by default, all they would see is the reference to the SKU (4x6) but if you want to show which painting they intended on purchasing, you could show the purchasing node from the view edit screen.

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jun 18, 2012
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I'm struggling to make the 3) step.
I still don't know how to show, the product display in the cart and the order.
Can someone could detail the procedure ?

Answer by: heyyo
Posted: Mar 25, 2016