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Commerce Product Feeds Import Product Displays

So... I have been attempting to import a list of products from a D6 site into Commerce Kickstart 2.6 and at every turn it's fraught.

My latest attempt has been to a) Use Node Export to get a CSV of products from old site. Good.

b) Import using Commerce Product Feeds. Three problems:

This imports the -product- but not the -display-. So the product appears 'missing'. You have to go into the /admin/commerce/products/variations and then hand-edit =each= product to get a product display. Is there a way to automatically create the 'display' during the feed import?

How does one map the 'images' field in the CSV? The CSV has a path to the JPG file for each product in the folder where the images can be found. This does not work. Any suggestion?

I can't figure out how to map the other fields in the product variations to the CSV columns. Any advice on how to do this would be MUCH appreciated.

Asked by: suntower
on September 17, 2014

1 Answer

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Honestly, getting roadblocked on one or two of these things is hard enough, but all of them makes me wonder if your time would be better spent finding someone who can handle this import for you? I've not had problems with feeds and image fields in the past, you just have to make sure the paths are relative to server root, not relative to the Drupal install.

Just start thinking like a developer and using Rules as your tool. If you need a product display per product imported, why not create a rule that runs on product creation that creates a node and connects with the new product via a product_reference field?

Best of luck!

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Sep 18, 2014


In my view, most of my issues are a lack of proper (current) documentation. In any event, I got the images to upload.

What I still cannot figure out is how to add ALT tags to each image. Can you tell me how this is done?


- suntower on September 25, 2014