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Show product with status disabled on product catalog

once I disable a product It disappear from catalog , even if I add product status to the search api index and update the view with product_status in ('enabled' ,'disabled').

I'm using the default views catalog of commerce kickstart 2 Distribution

Asked by: mohamed
on December 17, 2013

1 Answer

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Interesting challenge. I just set a demo product in kickstart 2 as "disabled" and the product shows up in both administrative listings.

So, for your catalog to show disabled products it should "just work" since the views are ultimately pulling from the same search api listings. The only thing I can figure is that there's a search api filter being applied in code that is filtering out "disabled" products from the catalog.

Would love for someone else to weigh in here that might know something more.

For now, depending on how you want to use the "disabled" field, maybe you would consider adding an additional field and use hook_form_alter() that hides the real "status" field but it would give you a bit more flexibility on how your catalog would react.


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Dec 17, 2013


Both this administrative views : Commerce Backoffice: Products (Content) , Commerce Backoffice: All Product variations (Commerce Product) , aren't using the same search api index as the catalog views .

Please disable a product and see if it will appear on the catalog (/products).

- mohamed on December 18, 2013