RESOLVED: Product Variations for color AND size

Say I have a dress for sale

Blue size 10, 12, 14
Red size 10, 12, 14
Yellow size 10, 14

Do I need to make 8 variations?

Blue 10, blue 12, blue 14
Red 10, Red 12, Red 14
Yellow 10, Yellow 14

If so, then you need to specify that in these instructions:

#2 says: Create products with a variety of sizes and colors.

Posted: Sep 28, 2014

[Fancy Attributes] Thumbnails of product images instead of color boxes


I have searched but found nothing, I'm new to Drupal development.

I would like to replace color attributes of a product by a thumbnail of that variation (say the first image of the variation if it has multiple images) instead of a colored little box as it can easily be done with the Fancy Attributes module.

I don't know how to target the corresponding product and how to extract the image link. The replacement part would be quite easy.

Thanks for your help !

Posted: Jun 3, 2014

Show multiple variations in view

Hi there,

We have products with two variables for variations: color and size. When we create a view on the product display we get the unique products. If we create a view with commerce products we get a list of all possible combinations of product sizes and colors.

Now we would like to have a view which shows all products for each color, but not size. So for example:

Product X
Colors: Red, Green, Blue
Sizes: 24, 25, 26

Product Y
Colors: Red, Green, Black
Sizes: 25, 26

Using product display results in:
Product X, Product Y

Posted: Aug 27, 2013
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