RESOLVED: Product Variations for color AND size

Say I have a dress for sale

Blue size 10, 12, 14
Red size 10, 12, 14
Yellow size 10, 14

Do I need to make 8 variations?

Blue 10, blue 12, blue 14
Red 10, Red 12, Red 14
Yellow 10, Yellow 14

If so, then you need to specify that in these instructions:

#2 says: Create products with a variety of sizes and colors.

It should specifically say that products need to be created for EACH POSSIBLE combination and then grouped in the Product Display.

Having said that, if "this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms" is chosen how do I list two options - Blue 12 and Blue 14? Do I need a size/color taxonomy term? Or does it work with a vocabulary of color and a vocabulary of size? Do I also need to create a vocabulary with size/color combos and taxonomy terms for each of the 8 combinations listed above?

If I create a taxonomy term for size, but don't make it an attribute field the term comes up as a link and tries to link to the taxonomy term page or (if I change the settings) a plain text list of sizes. One size cannot be selected.

If all this is also necessary, then your page I referenced needs to reflect that as well.

Posted: Sep 28, 2014


kappaluppa on September 28, 2014

I think I solved my problem with the help of these videos: http://www.wdtutorials.com/2013/06/27/drupal-7-commerce-tutorial-part-1-...

#1 - Yes, I need to create a variation for each combination of sizes

#2 - No, I don't need a combo taxonomy terms. I can have 1 vocabulary for colors, with only colors being the terms, and same with size, with only size being the terms. On the Product Display page when I select one of the terms, only the available options of the other term show up. So I can have a Red dress size 10, 12, 14 and Blue dress size 12, 16, Green size 10, 12. When I pick Blue, only sizes of 12 & 16 are size options. When I pick size 10, only colors Red & Green are options.

#3 - In order for the size and color (or whatever vocabulary you are using) to be either radio or select (as chosen via the Attribute Field Settings in the product manage fields) the number of values must be 1.