How to create new content type with title of type "Node module element"

I am using Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.8.

I need to create some new content types that are not directly related to products in the store. For example, I want to create a content type "Articles" to discuss various aspects of our products. I have another website that contains nodes of content type "Articles" which I want to be able to import/export between the websites.

On the new website, When I create a new content type (either manually or using Bundle copy from the old website), I always get the following message:

"The node Title field was automatically replaced."

The Title field becomes a text field with machine name "title_field". I want the title field to be of type "Node module element" with machine name "title", just like the old website and just like a Basic Page.

Since "title_field" is not present in the old website, the articles are imported to the new website without the titles created on the other site.

Is it possible to define new content types that define the title to be of type "Node module element" with machine name "title?"

Posted: Jul 7, 2013


richm on July 18, 2013

With a little searching, I found that on the new website, the title field was being replaced in the Title module for reasons of translatability.

Based on this, I had two option:

I could replace the "title" field on the existing website with "title_field" using the Title module "replace" option (which shows up as a new option under "Manage Fields") or I could disable the Title module on the new website while I create the new content type, and then re-enable after the content type is created.

I chose the second option so as not to have to make the changes to the production website. So now all the nodes of a content type are exportable (using Node Export) from the existing website to the new website.