Few products in cart but total price is 0


I have problem with my shopping cart.
When I add few products to my shopping cart block and shoping cart form then total price looks good, but when i click checkout (shopping cart summary) then have total price 0.

Where is problem?

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Posted: Jun 21, 2013


efitzg on June 21, 2013

I have the same issue.

Cart total is correct. Then click checkout and line item totals are correct but Order total is 0.

Using Commerce 7.x-1.7
Customizable Products 7.x-1.0beta2

I have another site that is working correctly but does not use Customizable Products so I wonder if the issue is there. Are you using Customizable Products nawi?

efitzg on June 24, 2013

My error was in the rules I used for the customizable product. I changed the price based on selected features. The rule I set used a "set data value" action to change the price which clearly caused an error in the price calculations. I changed the rule to use the "Set the unit price to a specific amount" action and all is well again.

nawi, I expect you also have a rule somewhere which is incorrectly altering an important data value and causing the total calculation to fail.

nawi on June 24, 2013

efitzg, I disable all rules and have still problem.

You can send me more details about your solution? Previous decription is not clear for me.

nawi on June 24, 2013

I have no idea.
I check and update modules.
Disable all rules.
Disable Product pricing rules.
Delete all tax rates and tax types.

But still have Order total 0 in checkout page. Anyone can help?