Kickstart slideshow showing multiple images while loading

I'm using the latest version of Kickstart and have set up its slideshow to show a few slides at the top of my site. However, when things are slow loading, it loads the slides of the slideshow one underneath the next so there's, say, 3 slides visible. When they're all fully loaded, it all clicks into place and the slideshow behaves as expected.

Is there anyway I can stop this multiple images display as it really looks awful when it happens?

Thanks in advance.

Posted: Apr 4, 2013


PedroKTFC on April 5, 2013

I (thought I'd!) had a brainwave. If I styled the img with a position:absolute, I thought it would ensure all the images would be loaded over each other. However, doing this led to the complete slideshow vanishing! Even if I used the js class to try to avoid it if javascript is enabled (just to try it) it still wouldn't show although it did get round the stacking effect if javascript were disabled!

So I thought I'd try Nivo slider. This has worked perfectly (as far as I can see). And I don't even have to worry about the js class to managed javascript being en/disabled! All very strange.

felipedex on February 17, 2014

Hi pedro. Nice to meet you. I am trying to install nivo slider on commerce kickstart but dont works. You have any tuto or any sted by sted video for recomend me. Thank in advance for your help