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EDIT: Original post below. It appears my primary hope is possible, but I have no understanding of how to do this and the modules I've downloaded to help me are lacking (or missing) when it comes to readme files. I'm new to Drupal, which complicates things. Update below.

Posted at Drupal.org forums, but no reply. Here's hoping...

I'm building a commerce site using Commerce Kickstart 2. I need to add product volumes for dry and liquid measures. Problem is everything has to be in metric and US measure, so there will be a ton of fields. I'm using Physical Fields for weight and physical dimensions, but it doesn't handle volume. I'll create the following fields for use in my products (if method 1 below doesn't work):


Each product has to have a metric and US measurement. So, when I input a variation I'll fill out 2 of the 10 fields leaving the others blank.

In order, here are my proposed ways of dealing with it if possible.

1> Ideally, i'd have something like Physical Fields that allows me to define a bunch of suffixes and just have two fields: volume_us and volume_metric. If that's possible without too much trouble, fantastic.

2> workable would be to have all 10 fields, but have some way of conditionally displaying them in any display by those with values. In other words, if there is no value in the field, the entire field (label, suffix, etc) will be hidden.
So, are either of these possible? Is one much simpler than the other?


Posted: Mar 18, 2013


abiconsulting on March 18, 2013

I'll try it out. I had not seen it even after an extensive search. Hopefully it handles volume and all the [very messed up] US measures for volume.

I'll report back in a few days. Thanks!