Kickstart works fine now, right? And a question.

Hey, gang. I'm working on a Drupal Commerce course for lynda.com, so you'll probably see me here fairly often for a while. :)

I see the note at http://drupal.org/project/commerce_kickstart that:

Due to our dependence on dev versions of various other modules, we cannot currently package up a distribution release for this project.

But I was able to install the distribution just fine! Am I missing something?

Also: The modules ended up in /profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules. Is this where they'll stay? I got an error when I tried to move them to /sites/all/modules. If you don't plan to move them there, then I recommend /modules/commerce. That's how Acquia does it for Acquia Drupal.

Looks great! Thanks,


Posted: Jun 19, 2011


latulipeblanche on June 20, 2011

Kickstart works like you describes.

The fact that the modules ended up in /profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules is the problem (i think) because they don't show up in the list to update modules and with drush it doesn't work either.
I copied the modules to /sites/all/modules and for me that works.

Nice to see that you're going to write a training. What level will you be on, for what type of user i mean ? Builders or developers ?


Tom Geller on June 24, 2011

Hi, tulipe! The course will be for builders with no previous Drupal knowledge. It's application focused: "I want an online store, how can I make that happen?" The fact that it's Drupal is nice, but not central to their needs.

Thanks for the encouragement. :)

rfay Randy Fay on June 21, 2011

I use Commerce Kickstart for everything, and it works well. The basic underlying problem being mentioned is that lots of things (including rules, entities, views, and ctools) have yet to settle down. There's hope here, as first releases of those are now arriving. And we hope to have a Commerce RC quite soon based on that.

It's normal for profiles to have modules in profiles/<name>/modules However, if you prefer, they can go just as well in sites/all/modules. It's just the drush make that puts them in the profiles directory. I guess I prefer sites/all/modules.

Oh, and we're eagerly awaiting your Lynda.com training! Yay!

Tom Geller on June 24, 2011

Hi, Randy -- thanks for your encouragement.

I tried moving the modules to /sites/all/modules but got an error:

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/Users/tomgeller/Sites/twotrees/profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules/views/plugins/export_ui/views_ui.inc' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in /Users/tomgeller/Sites/twotrees/sites/all/modules/ctools/includes/plugins.inc on line 468

Is there any advantage to having them in /profiles/commerce_kickstart_modules? That seems to be adding complexity -- especially when someone innocently wipes it out during a core update.

rfay Randy Fay on June 25, 2011

Sorry - I was assuming you'd move the modules and *then* run the install.

This is a classic old Drupal problem and requires mucking about in the system table, etc. Although I suspect that running the script in Registry Rebuild would fix it.

Also reinstalling would work easily.

I know of no advantage of having modules in /profiles. I've always been baffled why this was done. But I'm kind of naive about install profiles.

westsyde on September 20, 2011

Some time ago now I installed commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.0-beta3 (see attachment) however despite the site being updated to what should be the equivalent of commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.0-rc2 the Install Profile details on the Status Report are still showing the original version.

Don't these details update and if not what is the purpose of displaying this info in the first place?

I would like to move the modules located in profiles/modules to the sites/all/modules directory however when i do I get a similar error to the one shown above by tgeller.

It seems a bit odd because I have moved modules incorrectly placed in the modules directory to sites/all/modules after discovering its considered best practice.

What am I missing here?

rfay Randy Fay on September 20, 2011

OK, so install profiles aren't really meant to be updated; at least that's not the way I've ever done it.

I update the modules involved, and I always make sure they're in sites/all/modules. But the profile is irrelevant after the initial install (unless you use drush make to build it and put the modules in profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules, which I don't recommend. Even then, the issue is updating those modules, not the profile).

westsyde on September 20, 2011

I am not sure if I like your answer though, or more to the point what you said being reality. haha

I think I may just go back and install Drupal commerce into a standard Drupal install because to me it just looks messy, out of date and wrong.

I mean, why would anyone need to know what version you used anyway when it has no relevance to the site once any updates have been applied.

Maybe I have a case of perfectionism or something LOL but it just seems silly seeing out of date info ;)

veganline on September 20, 2011

I'm missing something that you've found. I'm a bit like the typical Lynda video watcher, so I don't know what I'm missing. Kickstart seemed hard to make sense of at first. Unzipped, the files didn't look like Drupal Commerce files. Installed without core as a module, there used to be an error to say that Drupal core could not be updated.

Today for the first time I'm able to install Kickstart-without-core as a module but don't see the promised stock examples that which lack much step-by-step instruction to install any other way. I have yet to install a module called

"Testing 7.8 Provides a framework for unit and functional testing."

...so maybe that's the one with examples in it. But I get an error message about memory if I try to install it. And installing the other modules has taken an hour or two; maybe I've installed too many or too few.

If you want to use me as a tester for instruction videos you're welcome! I've spent many hours and days trying to install this thing and a few more commenting on videos won't do any harm.

westsyde on September 20, 2011

I'm not to sure what you mean exactly though it sounds like you think kickstart is a module when in fact it is a complete install package containing Drupal core and all the Drupal commerce modules.. This is why they look different..

To add to that in kickstart the modules for Drupal commerce are located in the profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules folder as opposed to where you should place the Drupal commerce module when installing separately into a standard Drupal installation, which would be in the sites/all/modules directory..

Hope that helps you in some way..

Tom Geller on September 21, 2011

Hi, John. As westsyde said, Commerce Kickstart isn't a module: It includes Drupal itself. You install it pretty much the same way you install Drupal. The only difference is that you select a "Commerce Kickstart" radio button at one point.

I'll have a video that shows this in the lynda.com course. If you need a video that shows how to install core (non-Commerce) Drupal, there's on in my "Drupal 7 Essential Training" course. (There's probably a similar video for free floating around the internet somewhere, too.)

Good luck!

veganline on September 21, 2011

Thanks! I'll search. Previous attempts to use Kickstart-with core unwrapped some infamiliar looking files with endings like .make that simply sat on the server instead of turning into Drupal. FTP installations are a bit of a nightmare memory from a year or two ago so maybe I've forgotten something from those days; clicking on a server's control panel "install Drupal" button is easier!

veganline on September 22, 2011

unpacking commerce_kickstart-7.x-1.0-rc2.tar.gz I get a directory containing 8 files:

These don't import into the Acquia Drupal stack installer. It says
"Sites diectory not found '...commerce_kickstart\sites'
...and I have to agree with it that a Drupal Commerce installation usually looks different, with about twenty small files in the root and folders called

This is what I do not see.
Is anyone else stuck at the same point or able to write a set of instructions?

I'm able to install standard Drupal but can't figure out how to install products in it so Kickstart would be great.

veganline on September 25, 2011

Thanks that worked!

I'm now onto another problem with is file names on some of the commerce modules having 0000644 added to them, like
...and so not appearing to any installation system I might use, but that's for another thread. If anyone googles "0000644 Drupal Commerce" they might find something. It might only be temporary and soon be sorted or only apply to Windows XP users like me.

Also, today I learned something new that's probably obvious to others.

Drupal 7 contains a folder called "profiles",
in which can rest one called "kickstart",
in which can rest
♦a folder called "Modules"

I'm obviously no expert on detail here - just quoting what I see on the screen so that anyone else who is just as ignorant can know what sort of thing they are looking for when they download a file and unpack it.