Setting up shipping (for dummies)

I'm not a developer (and that's the main reason for me to use a CMS like Drupal) and i have the feeling the whole Drupal Commerce is quite tricky for non-developers.. setting up shipping, for example..

"To use this module [Drupal commerce shipping], you will have to create a custom module and create your own shipping module. I have attempted to make this as simple as possible and provided an example module, to show how this could be done."

That sounds like it's gonna be an hell in the ass for me (i mean, as non-developer).
Looking at the commerce_shipping_example.module right now and i'm quite confused on what i need to do.
(basically i 'just' need the system to add a different shipping price depending on the customer's country and order's weight, which i guess should be something pretty standard as seller's need)

Am i missing something or is setting up shipping really that tricky?

As a footnote, a user's guide of sort that shows how to implement some of the standard procedures (some standard shipping methods, payment set-ups and the likes, like you did for setting up products) would be nothing less than gold.
Don't wanna sound harsh, cause all the open source thing and the work behind is GREATLY appreciated, but i always have the feeling there's not enough documentation on things, sometimes there's no documentation at all, which is a shame, cause often you go completely bananas to understand how to do the most simple things.. and very powerful tools become not that usable by ppl..
(i guess that's because developers hate having to write documentation, which is understandable to some point.. but whatever..)

Posted: May 31, 2011


jucallme on May 31, 2011

hahahaha, you had me in tears with "hell in the ass for me".

Drupal Commerce is still considered a developer friendly release. As you can well imaging its not a straight forward thing hence we have three major modules al trying in their own way to solve this issue.

So right now non developers your best chances lie with Ubercart. If you are willing to dive into a little code its not rocket science. Commerce is ur best friend.

remus1 on May 31, 2011

I was going to post on this subject today as well.
Having been looking at some of Randy Fay's videos on how to set up discounts etc, very good.
Could I ask Randy to make us new users a simple guide to setting up shipping/delivery

Along the lines of product to have a hidden field for the weight. Then a shipping price for say .1 kg or lbs to lets say 5 kg/lbs then another price for 5.1 - 10. another price for 10.1 15.
If orders total price is over say 100 $/ £ then free shipping / delivery.

this would help a lot of people in the future.

many thanks

JohnDoranNY on June 10, 2011

Setting up a ecommerce solution for a client on drupal 7 (so not using ubercart)... I installed the drupal shipping module but clueless what to do next.. so anyone willing to put out a tutorial or even a few lines of text/code would be greatly appreciated!

latulipeblanche on June 10, 2011

Look here : http://drupal.org/node/1174662#comment-4564716

To play with the settings :

Here you'll find the settings (admin/commerce/config/shipping-methods). You probably have the "Shipping example method" installed ?

Then you need to set the condition:
for example:
Selected data: order:commerce-order-total:amount,
Operator: value, lower than,
data value: 70 (for 70€ or €)


data selector: order,
shipping label + price

In "admin/commerce/config/checkout" you put the Shipping in the CheckOut where you want.

It's a quick tuto, but I hope it can help you to start with it. You need to play with it to find your own settings.

JohnDoranNY on June 10, 2011

I will try to follow along with your example later today! (fingers crossed). I'm all for playing with settings but, I'm new to eCommerce and definitely new to Drupal Commerce so its a LOT to wrap my head around (with a client breathing down my neck)... it gets overwhelming to try to learn all the modules at once when there is so little existing documentation for so many of the modules.... :D so THANKS AGAIN!

JohnDoranNY on June 11, 2011

I tried your tutorial and I got it to work (somewhat) thanks! I copied the sample and created new modules for FedEx, Us Priority and UPS...

Do you know if it is possible to set up conditions based on actual line item quantity? I have not been successful in this endeavor. I need to be able to test the quanity for a book (for example) and if 1 or 2, charge one price for shipping, if 3 or 4, double the shipping, except when using fedex next day where it is applied per-book ordered (so shiping would be shipping fee X quantity)... I can't use the order total field for this.

latulipeblanche on June 11, 2011

... but I must say that I didn't play a lot with rules, because, like you, I've got a client running behind me :/ and there are still lots of things to setup before the site can go online.

I think you need to make a new issue for this.


JohnDoranNY on June 12, 2011

After ripping my hair out for 3 days on this shipping, Im nearly ready to chuck it all in and start from scratch with UberCart... sadly I'm starting to see no other alternative.

I was able to fix it to work with Beta 4 of Drupal Commerce, but everything I do with the module just leads to WSOD errors... have you tried checking out, picking a shipping method (even the example), click continue, go to the review screen, hit the 'back' button on the form and get error messages that won't go away? Bad bad bad... a user cannot even change their shipping method (which is a basic requirement)... Trying to uninstall/reinstall the module, as you know first hand, is not a pretty thing either.. I read your post on how to do this (thankfully!!!) its a whole production of manually deleting tables and records... and even that is sometimes not enough to uninstall/reinstall it...

I've tried to setup rules based on the sample and that doesn't work... and i just don't know enough about the Drupal Commerce API and module development to create my own shipping module. Judging from the issues queue, I'm not sure this module has much support going on, so it could be weeks or months before its ready for prime-time.

For the countless hours over the past few days, I have not gotten an inch closer to having a stable or working shipping method, and without that, Drupal Commerce is just a fun new project to learn but not much use to a client wanting to sell on the web.

Do you know if there is another shipping module in development perhaps or is this the only one?

RMani on March 27, 2012

Where you able to get rates from Fedex ?
If so please help me

magicmirror on December 20, 2012

I'm in the same boat. A 3 month long web project is completely stalled as we can't get FedEx to work. About to go back to UberCart ourselves. Several days now trying to get it to work.

johnd on May 7, 2013

I had some problems getting fedex working as well. The juicy errors will go into syslog. Take a look and see what it does. I think it's blocking a port or an address that keeps it from connecting. I took bad notes and can't remember it. I'll try to figure it out tomorrow (again).