EU and US customers

I have webshop where can be two type of customers: EU- and US-customers.

So how to display USD currency to US customers and EUR currency to EU customers?

And also how calculate VAT only to US customers?

Posted: Mar 11, 2011


chrisjlee on March 18, 2011

I just started learning more about this cart and started reading the source.

In the commmerce.module section there's the function that convert currency:

https://github.com/drupalcommerce/drupalcommerce/blob/master/commerce.mo... [line 400]

Then in the commerce.api.php file you write a hook to provide more information about the currency:


I don't know how much help this is. But i hope this is a start.

ace11 on March 20, 2011

Hmm, if I keep all prices in USD currency, and when customer goes to checkout and adds his/her address (including country). So when country is belong to EU it calculates and adds VAT to final price.

How to make this?

Ryan Ryan Szrama on March 21, 2011

That's just going to require some Rules configuration to ensure taxes are only applied based on the address of the customer... the real problems are going to be that 1) Rules is a little broken at the moment, so it's difficult to setup conditions based on customer addresses (though not impossible - there's a workaround using Rules components) and 2) until the customer enters an address, you will probably be showing an incorrect tax amount... although I suppose not if you make sure all your tax rules have some condition checkout the country of the order.

I just posted an issue you can follow that discusses making it simpler to create conditions on order addresses: http://drupal.org/node/1100194

newbieuser on March 9, 2013

trying kickstart 2.0

the address field with the shopping cart is geared for US customers.
what to do for European customer?
any plug and play?

2. also what is the lastest development, in term of detecting which tax system to apply
Nothing fancy, just a currency selector as the triggering events or based on shipping address will be fine.

nondeveloper, non programmer, need step by step instruction if available. many thks

newbieuser on March 12, 2013

really appreciate your help. Unfortunately , the link is too technical for me.
There must be a plug and play for inputting address for NL and BE?
Many thks.