Difference paypal account for each product


I want my client can post product with their paypal account. When a person purchase that product the payment will be pay directly to the paypal account of the use who create that product. If possible I want to get a bit gratuity from that payment.

Any suggestion?

Thank in advance!


Posted: Aug 6, 2012


huytp on August 6, 2012

Sorry for my bad English. Let me explain one again: My site is working like a marketplace. But as a marketplace the payee is another user/(merchant) of my site. So is there a way for either,
1) The payer places an order, the site owner gets paid, but the amount each merchant should be payed gets stored in my database, then at a specified time i.e Once a week, or once a month etc, the merchants will automatically get payed.
2) The payer places an order and a percent (%) of the payment goes to the site owner and another % goes to the merchant.

Are either of these available or configurable with seperate modules, rules and other payment modules. Or do these currently have to coded?