Link to product in the order view


is it possible to link the product name in the order view to the product itself? Or are they "detached" after checkout?

I have only managed to put a link pointing to the product edit page by adding a relationship (commerce line item: product) and adding or editing a field with rewrite results.

Any ideas?


Posted: May 17, 2012


joshmiller Josh Miller on May 20, 2012

If you want the path to where the customer added it to the cart, you are looking for: (Line Item) Commerce Line item: Display path. If you look the default Drupal Commerce cart view, that is what is used.

Now, if you want the link to the product itself, I believe you would need to create a simple view that would accept a product id as an argument from the URL and then display the fields you want to display. I would think showing the product display (instead of simply the product) would make more sense to the customer.