Multiple Products with same attributes aren't showing attributes fields for the different products

So, I have created 4 product types and a product display. The product display links to each of the product types. The product types each have the same attributes, since they are similar products, but often have one or two distinctions. If I create the product display node, the only attributes that show up are when the values are different. So, if I have product type A and B, each with field "type" and I enter in the value "test" in each, product type A won't show that attribute, it will only appear in product B.

How can I get Commerce to show each and every attribute of each product connected to a product display type, regardless if the products have the same attributes with the same values?


Posted: Mar 21, 2012


jamil on March 21, 2012

Found the solution for myself.

at /admin/structure/types/manage/[YourContentType]/display it gives you the ability to change the settings to disable "combine like items"