Gift Certificates howto


What's the simplest thing that could possible work for doing gift certificates with Drupal Commerce?

I searched the site and all I found was a reference here:

I searched the modules page and didn't see anything there either. Am I missing something obvious?

What's the simplest thing that could possibly work? It would need to work for a recipient that's never used the site. The gifter would be registered.

1) A gift certificate is a node the gifter buys (how variable pricing?)
2) It has a secret code with the gifter's uid in it. E.g. [secure-random-number-2^128]-[gifter-uid]
3) When the recipient uses the secret code
- it credits the user's shopping cart down towards $0 (best way to do this?)
- it logs credit amount used and gift user on the gift certificate node
4) When the gifter views the node, it shows the logged credits and available credit.
5) When any other user or anonymous views the node, it shows available credit

If I'm not missing anything obvious, any suggestions on where to start or ways to improve the design?



Posted: Jan 10, 2012


p55mac on July 12, 2012

Commerce coupon works for my needs gift card and promotional needs, but the codes are not automatically set. However there is the Coupon Batch module that might work for what you need.

I've been using:

Commerce Coupon http://drupal.org/project/commerce_coupon
Commerce Couponhttp://drupal.org/project/commerce_coupon_fixed_amount

And Commerce Coupon Batch might provide the solution http://drupal.org/project/commerce_coupon_batch

adster13 on July 17, 2012

Thanks! That just might work for my situation.
Having a play around with it now, I'm making a rule that is fired after checkout completed and creates a new entity 'commerce coupon'. Only problem I'm having so far is trying to set the value of the coupon. Can set the 'coupon type', 'coupon code' and 'amount of uses' via set a data value. But not sure how to set the value.