Product options setup

I have a product display with 2 products, so that a customer can chose which one to select, let s say one can cose between Product Big (20 cents) and Product Small (10 cents).
I then used Commerce Product Options and Commerce Product Attributes so the customer can do a second choice, let say between Product Normal and Product Extra, this second choice will introduce a variation in price, but the basic Products are just Big and Small.
Naturally at the end there are 4 possible variation of the 2 Products (Big Normal, Small Normal, Big Extra, Small Extra)
What I was not able to achieve is that when the customer makes the second choice (between Normal and Extra) the price will auto-update (as it happens with Big and Small), is there an inbuilt function or do I need to set Rules? Can anybody help with that?


Posted: Jan 7, 2012


ShaunP1989 on January 7, 2012

What you need is 4 separate products as you said, with two attributes enabled as attributes on the add to cart form.

So attribute Size, with options Small and Big, and then another attribute for Normal and Extra.

^ that all needs to be in a product type.

Then create 4 products with that product type:

Product 1 - Big & Normal
Product 2 - Big & Extra
Product 3 - Small & Normal
Product 4 - Small & Extra

Then on the product display add Products 1,2,3, and 4. And it should work fine....


ioioio on January 7, 2012

and thanks for the help
I d rather avoid having 4 products because I am going to sell large digital files and really don t want to upload each time a big file (bandwidth and storage wise is awefull), that s why I was considering the Commerce Product Option, I think that I only need to create a rule that is triggered by the second selection.
To make it more clear the 2 products are just 2 different resolutions of the same digital image, while the second is a personal/commercial use option that will trigger a value multiplier.

ShaunP1989 on January 7, 2012

Ok, have a look at the Product Bundle module, it allows a product to contain a reference to another product. So assuming you upload a high res and a low res image you would need the following:

Product 1 - Low res
Product 2 - High res

Product Bundle 1 - Product 1 - Personal
Product Bundle 2 - Product 1 - Commercial
Product Bundle 3 - Product 2 - Personal
Product Bundle 4 - Product 2 - Commercial

Whilst I know this is making it a bit confusing its possibly the easier way to set it up. And means that you don't have to upload copies of big files.

Just an after thought I just had, you may be able to just point to an image that you've already uploaded rather than uploading it again making my first post possible with less uploading....


dufferin on January 21, 2012

ok, just started with commerce, trying first ubercart, do I have to understand that under commerce :
- I need to create a product type for a product as soon as it will have attributes, adding attributes fields
- I need to create a same product for each attributes, meaning in fact the Attributes became the node?!?
- I need to add each "attributes" product to a product display,

Now I understand why I couldn't get my options displayed on the product display page, only the edit product display.

So that's huge amount of work as soon as you mix several colors & several sizes... So 1 product with 5 colors and 4 sizes requires 20 "products"?!?
Isn't there another way,
Because it really doesn't sound efficient, or am I missing something.

Edit : and I have 5 attributes and about 4 options per attributes, meaning it's impossible to achieve. 1 product with 5 attributes and 4 options requires 1280 times "add products".
If I'm stupid enough let say I want to sell as little as 5 products, it makes 6400 "add product" manipulation.

I'm not dropping off. I'll search for existing more efficient way to achieve that.

thanks for any input.

Edit 2 :
The commerce bulk product module does handle nicely the problem.
But one remain, since now it has to generate an incredible amount of product and sku, at the display product step I end up with a message "Product cannot be longer than 128 characters but is currently 11086 characters long".
It is to me really poor approach to deal with attributes/option.
I doesn't seems to find as well, out of the box, a price variation depending on attributes, again this is poor thinking.

A real life example to make you understand what the end user is and why it's important, because for now commerce is only ok for my 18 months old kid, and not even sure, he would needs some attributes.
My brother has a custom t-shirt store. With different t-shirt in model, size, color, brand, and about 12000 designs that can be chosen. Imagine the number of sku it would need to be generate.
It is just unworkable.
And I am not even talking about a miss manipulation that would generate those sku just to figure out that I made a mistake and I have to delete all those products.

I'm sorry but that's not gonna work.