Billing Information and Payment (authorize.net) both on checkout pane

I am collecting billing address information and cc information on the same pane (checkout pane), and then on the review your order pane, users can see their billing information and using (card on file) the last 4 digits of the credit card they entered.

However I have a problem. When I click to proceed from the checkout pane and go to the review order pane, information is getting submitted to authorize.net at that time, but I don't want payment information submitted to authorize until the user clicks to proceed from the review order pane (even though they entered their card # on the checkout pane). Anybody have any idea on how to accomplish this?


Posted: Mar 27, 2014


mikeaja on April 7, 2014

This may be too late...... and not that helpful. But I thought it was worth saying.

Are you sure you want to collect the cc info? Appreciate you may not be storing it, but personally giving the regulations regarding this in various countries, I'd steer clear of any cc information manipulation and just send it to authorize.