Understanding the Order-Flow

i am using Drupal Commerce since it was beta and know all about the system and how to do what i or my customer want, so a big "Thank you!"

But there is something I do not quite understand:

When the checkout is complete, the order status is pending. However, the order is still changeable. The prices of the line items can be changed if you change the product. That should not really be right? I always complete the order so as coupons in the order can not be deleted.

If the order is still in Pending status and I disable the coupon he is no longer in the order.

What is the logic behind that and why is the order after checkout not closed for changes in the products?


Posted: Dec 8, 2013


jcboggiano on February 22, 2014

Hi drupal commerce,

I have the same doubt of Tobi, "Does exist any "State diagram of an order" in drupal commerce distribution?. Any documentation? Where can I found it? How does the order can be o cannot be changed if the "status" changes manually?

José Carlos