Create a shipping scale based on Price

I have a shipping scale based on price setup on my commerce site using shipping 2.x.

I need to be able to calculate shipping based on the order total but excluding products of a certain type. How would I go about creating this? Seems like it should be straight forward but each method I've tried hasn't worked.

Posted: Dec 5, 2011


commercestudy on December 5, 2011

Maybe using the Commerce Conditions module might work, first add a unique taxonomy term to the products that are going to have the shipping on them and do not put the unique taxonomy term on the products you are not going to have the shipping scale on.

How I imagine it would be done. After installing the Commerce Conditions module, you could then use the Rules Condition, line item product has term or its sister line item product has terms (If you want to target multiple terms), then use the condition to target only products with the unique taxonomy term or taxonomy terms and use the condition within the shipping rule at the top of the list of your conditions within the rule.

The Commerce Conditions Module project page and download