Commerce, Quickbooks and Webgility

Is anyone using Webgility with Commerce and Quickbooks?
I am attempting to use the inventory sync capabilities of eCC and having issues with Quickbooks items that have zero dollar amount or zero quantities. The software will not support zero of anything.
Support at Webgility says it does not support zero dollar or zero quantities. I can't imagine that they would not support it. Who cares if it has zero of anything!

Maybe if we have enough support we can get this resolved.


Posted: Nov 15, 2013


Kirk Voltz on February 4, 2014

Hi Jim,

We have experienced nothing but issues with webgility. We've been trying to get it to work since September (it is now February) and it still won't do what we need. The issue you are referencing is happening to us as well. But that is one of a long list. We are already looking for alternative options. I'll post back when I know what they are.

artis on May 6, 2014

Webgility and DC integration is a joke. I ended up rewritting many aspects of Webgilities module through trial and error. I sent them my changes but could never get them to engage with me about the fixes. They just tried to defend their code saying others were using the module. I seriously doubt that anyone else is using the module who didn't also rewrite it. I'd be happy to share the module we are using, but it's a hack job of a hack job and it may have some hardcoded field names so your mileage may vary.


mglaman Matt Glaman on May 7, 2014

Yeah, thanks to andyg5000 we discovered they pull orders via a hardset order ID and timestamp. Therefore orders are skipped on sync. We got it working...but it's horrible.

gb0101010101 on May 12, 2014

I have dealt with WebGility and it has not been successful. I don't know about their Commerce integration but the Ubercart module was *very* badly coded. Whomever wrote it obviously had no understanding of Drupal, Ubercart functions, hooks, order workflows etc. I pointed out many problems with the code that just fell on deaf ears. Their response was 'well many people are using it without problem'. Language barrier was a big issue trying to explain things to their developers in India through a non tech translator! Be careful if you use two way sync as it might mess up your site: the ubercart module made direct changes to the database!