selling dated products (eg courses) with options

If i have a product, which is a dated course with 5 options, the product display shows all 5 options in a drop down menu
Each course happens on a particular date.

The normal way of doing this seems to be to make 5 products for each date, this will be quite a few products.

The last time i looked at this i decided that making a new product for everything was a good idea, but if there's any way of passing some info from the product display like a date field to the order then the problem is solved. Is this possible?

Posted: Nov 2, 2011


amcc on November 2, 2011

2 ways i've found of making this much simpler is to either use the Commerce Bulk Product Creation module - make a list of options within the product and use the bulk creation module to automate all the options. You can set fields like the date etc and the other options get created automatically. Though you still have to manually go through them and alter the price for each option. Also this will create lots and lots of products making it hard to easily change prices.

Another way is to use the Commerce Product Bundle module - create a parent product with a date field and a product reference field, then create various option products and use the product reference field to add other products as references.

I'm still faced with the issue of needing the date on the product display - so somehow i need to get this filled in automatically. Perhaps rules can do this. Its important to have the date there as i'm also building a calendar of courses