Commerce message token html links problem


Any html link created by tokens are in wrong format.

Example 1:
<a href="[site:url]">[site:site-logo]</a>

The above line which is in default "order confirmation" message will display the site logo image in the email message but it is linked to:

As you see [site:url] token is not being parsed correctly

Example 2:
<a href="[message:message-commerce-order:customer-url]">View your order</a>

This line will print "View your order" which is linked to:

By the way, if I use the token out of <a> tag, it would print in the the correct link in the email message.



Will appear as something like following which is correct:


I would appreciate any comment to fix the issue asap.
Thank you.

Posted: Nov 1, 2013


Arjan on December 16, 2013

I had the same problem. In my case the problem was caused by the Pathologic filter, which I had enabled for the Full HTML text filter used for the Mimemail email format. When I disable Pathologic for the text filter the token is correctly filled. I wonder if it's due to url-encoded characters, since [message:message-commerce-order:view-url] is actually rendered as %5Bmessage%3Amessage-commerce-order%3Aview-url%5D in the email.

Edit: it's a known issue that Pathologic cannot work with tokens; it needs a full url in order to work correctly. I'm now using a separate text format without Pathologic for Message emails.