File licence upload problem with commerce_file module

Hi, I have installed the commerce_file module and when I go to admin => store => commerce file and then choose to add file licence I get a very informative 'file cannot be uploaded' error.

The file system is set to private, although I've tried pubilc aswell to no avail. When I add the commerce file field to a custom content it works fine, so permission must be good.

I notice that over 200 people are using this module and there are no issues posted surrounding the problem I'm having so I'm reluctant to post an issue for something so fundamental as others obviously are getting way past this point in the set up and use of the module.

If anyone has any experience of using this module or any suggestions please help.

Many Thanks
Karl Jacobs

Posted: Oct 27, 2011


karl jacobs on October 27, 2011

unfortunately status reports is clean, there are errors in the log

The upload directory ://commerce-files for the file field commerce_file_license_file could not be created or is not accessible. A newly uploaded file could not be saved in this directory as a consequence, and the upload was canceled.

But commerce-files does exist and was created!?!

I'll also try the issue que, thanks for your help.