Google Merchant product feed export

Does anyone have a solution to create a feed from Drupal Commerce to submit your store to the Google Merchant Center?


Those are the specs for the feed.
I would like to do that myself.
Maybe there is a module that already will do that.

Posted: Dec 5, 2011


PN on December 10, 2011

I used Views and Views Data Export to create a csv feed for Google Merchant Center. Add your product reference field to the views relationship and then add your product fields. Make sure you think carefully about the product ids you choose in your upload because you can't change them later.

crymzyn on March 29, 2012

Hello PN,

I was wondering if you could assist, I am trying to use Views Data Export to create an XML file of my products. However, when I view the xml file, it is empty. In the views preview, there is data there. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have only the title selected to show, and no filters. Batched export is turned off and I have cleared views cache.

Any ideas what I might be missing? Thanks in advance for your help.


EDIT: For some reason it is working now. I clicked on "View Data Export" from the View console, and it came up. Now when I go to the export URL, everything is there. Strange. Perhaps it was all collapsed by default and I wasn't seeing anything except the top level "" text. Anywho, thanks!

Derek Bell on March 1, 2014

I was able to do using the following modules:

Views Data Export
Image URL formatter.

I started by building view based on the product display node.

To get access to the product entity fields, go to the advanced tab in your views UI. Under Relationships click Add Search until you find “Products referenced by field_product”. Then you can add the fields from the referenced product.

The views data export module allows you to export the data to CSV.

I had to resort to using Image URL Formatter module to get the URL for the images because I couldn't the replacement pattern [field_images] to work.

There is a longer version at: