Selling Event Tickets

I am new to Drupal Commerce and just wanted to know if the following is feasible with contributed modules. I have started playing with Kickstart and it seems to work well, but I do not see how to do stock in the way we would need.

I am hoping to set up a site for a theater that will sell tickets to performances.

It would be great if this performance product could be date and time specific so they could appear on a calendar, using the date and calendar modules.

Within this product it would need to have stock of the seats available for that performance and be able to say when the performance is sold out.

Additionally, each individual ticket could either be adult or child or senior, and different pricing depending, but whichever type of ticket, it would still count as one seat at that performance.

On the night of the show, we will need to freeze the online sale for a performance and be able to print the list of attendees for that performance for will call.

I guess the challenge here is grouping tickets by performance and having the different types of tickets all count towards the stock of that performance.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

Posted: Apr 18, 2013


Yautja_Cetanu on April 19, 2013


It has something called "Ticket Classes" which uses rules conditions to automatically work out which class people have based on a date of birth. (Or you can make people manually select the ticket class). The actual event is any entity (like an node). So just use the date module and views as you suggested and then apply this special booking field to that node.

Printing the list of attendees is probably best done by just creating a view that you can print off. (Although we're planning to deal with printing of pdf tickets as well)

It also has booking windows so you can set the price for tickets if people book by a certain date.

jorgejavierf on February 19, 2014

Hi, I'm just starting a project and I need to implement exactly a ticketing system for theaters. have you finished? Can I take a look at the site? wich are the modules that you are using?

Thanks for your help!

BigElsk on June 5, 2014

I have this issue twice a year at least with 2 non-profit Drupal sites.(shop.rcl.lu and pinkladieslux.org) Ideally I want to upload an image file (the ticket) and then when an order is marked as "Payment complete", I want the site to print the name and ticket/order number to a space in the middle of the image file AND then email the image (now showing the name and order ref) to the e mail address provided by the user as an image or PDF.

I find strings as old as 8 years where people are asking for this using Drupal but I don't see any solutions yet