Products section disappeared


I am building a new commerce site and when I installed the modules for Commerce Feeds (Feeds and job scheduler, too) I now only have Orders and Configuration available under the Store section - all my products and Product section is just gone. I tried de-activating the new modules and the products did not return... multiple cache flushing in logging-out did nothing to return the Products.

Help? Sorry - I am a bit of a Drupal novice...

-- Don

Posted: Mar 2, 2012


donok on March 14, 2012

Hello - just wanted to put a note in as I found the solution to my issue.

I needed to add:

// $Id: default.settings.php,v 1.51 2010/10/11 23:49:48 dries Exp $

ini_set('memory_limit', '128M');

to the top (after <?php) of my setting.php file.

-- Thanks

cmou on October 10, 2013

In my case, after I re-enabled the Product Example module, the product section came back, as well as the menu item for it. Then, I disabled the Product Example module again, but the product section and its menu items remain.

There must be a bug somewhere.