All checkout steps on one page

I am missing either something very obvious or doing something very stupid. I have the whole store set up and everything is working as designed with exception of failing at providing a single page checkout. The checkout works fine in the three steps, but the requirement is that the coupons, cart quantity adjustments and payment is all done on one page. After the submit button is clicked, all I need is to show "Thank you".
I tried moving the checkout panes around but did not succeed in making this happen. Any nudges in right direction are highly appreciated.

Posted: Oct 7, 2011


nirdeshm on October 7, 2011

Thank you. By disabling the review pane I am able to get the result. Before, when I was trying to get everything on the same pane, I was getting the "redirecting in a way that will not complete" error in mozilla.So thanks again as disabling the review pane must have been the key.
Now, if only the shopping cart could be somehow made editable in this display!

One more issue I am noticing (which must be a coupon contrib issue) is that if the page repaints from some error in address/payment, it also reports an error on coupon when the input field is left blank.
thanks a bunch.