Commerce File and Videos

Hi I'm testing out this cart for a possible update to my existing cart.

I'm currently trying to use commerce file to set up products that can be downloaded after purchase. When I try to add files to a product, it will only let my upload a file that is 2mb in size.

I would like to select a file that is already stored in the private folder on my server to use as the private file. These are videos that are around 1.5 gb a piece that are already uploaded.

How can I do this?



Posted: May 19, 2013


CptAnt on May 19, 2013

Is it essential to be serving up 1.5GB videos from your server? Can't you use YouTube? If so use media module and media youtube.

Alternatively you are going to have to alter your php.ini and increase your max upload size. Plenty of info around about how to do that.

It is possible that media module could import the videos into its/your library but I've not tried that myself. There is an import tab available. Its worth a try.

johnwiggity on May 19, 2013

Yes it's essential. This is for a video training company. People pay hundreds of dollars for the videos so I can't use YouTube. Right now X Cart is performing this flawlessly but I want membership functionality that X Cart doesn't have.

This videos are already uploaded so I just need to attach them to Products but Drupal doesn't seem to have this basic function.

Thanks for the help.

CptAnt on May 20, 2013

I use Xcart also. What are you looking for in the membership?