shipping service in admin orders view

I have tried alot of things but cant figure it out.
When i get an order, if i push quick edit it shows the shipping amount before the total price but it doesnt show which shipping method was selected, same in VIEW tab in the order, only under the EDIT tab it shows there the shipping method.
How can i change this? I think its somewhere in the views but what do i do in views? i tried many things and cant some errors and nothing worked!

also i installed commerce emails module and i want to show the shipping method that goes to the admins email, what exactly do i type (the code [ ...] that will show this, i tried a few that where there but none of them work.


Posted: Apr 29, 2013


DrMicky on June 20, 2013

Can't work out how to solve this very well. It is important as we need to handle our courier and next day shipping orders first to keep our customer promise.

I have tried adding in a line item relationship and then adding the shipping method field to the view. This does work (as shipping is a line item) but it means you get multiple lines for each order (if a customer orders 3 things you get 4 orders on the orders page, one for each thing ordered and one for shipping method).

Not ideal.

Anyone have any clues about a good solution for this?

I'm sure it's simple if you know how ;D

gtothab on August 16, 2013

I'm having this same issue and experienced the duplicate entries issue described by ariban99. I haven't found a solution yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

skenley on May 30, 2014

Did anyone come up with a better solution than the above? I'm still trying to accomplish this same thing as well.

Thank you!

Schweb Design, LLC on February 25, 2016

Here's what i did, which worked for me (although we don't have a lot of orders yet so perhaps it will expand and cause the duplicate issue mentioned above).

edit the view: commerce_backoffice_orders
add relationship Commerce Order: Representative shipping line item
then add field: Commerce Line item: Shipping service (Shipping service)


What i haven't figured out is how to have this show on the actual order information when clicking "Quick Edit" or at /admin/commerce/orders/ID for example. It seems it really should be able to be displayed there too, but i've tweaked the commerce_line_item_table with no luck yet. I'm guessing we have to edit the template for this view itself... updating the view alone doesn't have any effect.