How to make the site for multi-screens?

Hi, I would like my commerce site to support smaller screens (mobiles, ipads, etc) as well as normal computers (laptops etc).

Is there any way of doing this in the commerce kickstart project?

Tobbe G

Posted: Apr 26, 2013


CptAnt on April 27, 2013

Kickstart 2 comes with an implementation of the Omega theme. This works from mobile up and I've found it excellent. In particular, when I stumbled across the SCSS folder, I became a convert to Saas and Compass. Well worth the effort in learning!!

Banzai on April 28, 2013

What you are looking for is the responsive feature, this is related to the theme, not to the commerce.
Take a look at the Drupal theme frameworks, I usually use Adaptive Themes, you create a sub theme and start to build your responsive theme, check the documentation on how to build a theme.