Subscription service for webshop

I am doing a preproject of a webshop. It is subscription of physical products.

I need following:
Products to be bought by subscription and one time buy.
Integrated with paypal and a mobile payment solution.
Easy to create subscription for each product, not needed to create from paypal and then paste the codet into the webshop. All done from webshop administration for example.

Please any tip.

Also if anyone interested in designing a special customised professional webshop on low budget. Please tell me.

Posted: Jan 31, 2013


gibry21 on April 26, 2013


How did you get on with this? I am in a similar situation, I need people to be able to buy one time access to a Commerce File download (each one is its own product)....but also have the ability to subscribe annually to have access to all Commerce File downloads (all products).

I have used Kickstart 2.0 and have managed to set up the products list page and search all working great, combined with Commerce File module to sell each product as a single one time download.

But I am struggling to set up subscription, to the same products list??

The theory is that I sell a 'Role' of 'Annual Member' and based on this role the user would have be given access to download any of the files in the product list.

I have achieved this but I had to give the role full administer permissions to the Commerce File module, which I don't think is very secure.

I really would like the product list to not show add to cart or price also when viewed by somebody with role of 'Annual Member'.....

Any advice....??

How did you achieve your goal? Surely this is a common request to sell one off and subscription to the same products, particularly for files or downloadable products, rather than physical.

Thanks in advance.