multiple variables for product node display

I'm having a mental block trying to display a product display node. Using the demo site as an example. There is the top level category display of "wearables'. Then there is a t-shirt 'All Tied Up'. There is the drop down menu to select size. How can another drop menu be added to display here. Say, for instance, there is a v-neck, standard collar, or deep-v-neck option. And three color option (white, black, or gray). I get how to make these as all different products with different SKUs. But the node display with another drop menu (other than the size) is where I'm hung up.

Posted: Feb 8, 2011


Ryan Ryan Szrama on February 9, 2011

As long as the fields on your product type meet the following criteria and you reference products with different values for the different fields, the form will take care of the rest. A qualifying field must be:

  1. Required
  2. Single value
  3. Have a fixed number of options (i.e. use an List widget)

If you have two different "attribute" fields with 3 options each, that would mean you must create 9 different products for all the options to show up. Granted, the form also works with dependent attributes, so if one color was only available in a certain style, the select list will update its allowed values accordingly.

If you have a size attribute with 3 options, a color attribute with 3 options, and say a neck style attribute with 2 options, that would require 18 products total for the one display. I need to get Commerce BPC up to date so this isn't a pain to administer.

goody815 on February 10, 2011

perfect! thanks Ryan. that's exactly what i couldn't figure out how to do. yeah the Commerce BPC would be great too. I tried the import cvs module suggested at DO and broke my site somehow?

leofishman leo on April 11, 2013


I have a site (http://ropamujerpormayor.com.ar/) for women clothes.
Every product can have 2 attributes, size and color, but not all colors have all size neither all sizes have all colors.
So, for example, if the node shows a black product, size 1, and there is no black size 2, I can't choice other colors that are in size 2.

Is there a simple way to show all options in the node display?