Checkout should have the option of: log in, create account, or guest

We have "anonymous checkout" working fine (with the permission setting). However, ultimately, Commerce should have three ways to check out.

  1. Log in if they are already a registered user
  2. Create a new account if they want to, continues to checkout following account creation
  3. Check out as a guest (do not create an account)

I've looked at several modules, but no combination seems to fit all those points. Commerce Checkout Redirect doesn't allow the customer to check out as a guest. (Commerce Kickstart is the same way; you have to create an account.)

Commerce Checkout Login gets close. If you fill in an email address of an existing account, it provides a password field and login button. If you fill in an email address that doesn't have an account, you check out as normal.

However, from that point, there's still not the option to create an account or not. Not everyone wants an account with us. I can disable the "create account" rule, but then you couldn't create one if you wanted to.

Does anyone have a Commerce site setup like this already or have any tips?

Posted: Jan 24, 2013


Brian on April 7, 2013

I'm also interested in that. The Commerce Extra module provides a checkout pane which is a starting point for this (Login or Proceed), but it has on real "option" functionality.

The best workaround I could come up is to use the Commerce Immediate Login module to provide a super slick checkout with passwordless auto-login, plus an option to set a password (as the create account function) or not (go away with no account) after checkout-complete.

Albert Albala on October 10, 2013

I tried the https://drupal.org/project/commerce_extra, but it causes an extra step to be added, forcing the user to create an account or log in as an existing user. I would like the user to have the _option_ to log in as an existing user, but also be able to log in anonymously.

@Brian I'm really interested in your setup. Have you documented this anywhere in more detail?