Order NOT submitted when Paypal's selected as Payment method

I'm using this module (Commerce PayPal) with Commerce Kickstart 2.0, it's redirecting to Paypal ok on checkout, but the order doesn't get submitted. The order remains in the shopping cart and does not get listed under orders.

I've tried using checkout rules to complete checkout when Paypal's selected as payment method but that stops redirection & user's presented with order completed page. Is this a known issue or I'm missing something; can someone help resolve this issue please?

Posted: Feb 9, 2013


lmatthews on February 16, 2013

Could someone please comment if this may be a settings issue or a bug? Am I doing something wrong or is this broken? I had set up lots of rules in processing orders where I would receive notifications, Product owners would recieve notifications, etc. I tested with the example payment gateway and it worked great. However, now trying to use a real payment method, PayPal, it doesn't work at all if the order is never processed and it stays as a shopping cart.
Could someone please help? The drupal commerce module is great in many ways, but order checkout is the most important function of an online store. This has to work, and I can only assume I am doing something wrong in my setup.
I actually setup the demostore with the newest version of code and saw a similar result.