How to remove menu link

I’m sure this is noob issue, but I can’t seem to delete links from the main menu that came with the demo. There isn’t an option to delete in the operations column.
Thanks in advance!

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Posted: Jan 31, 2013


AlanQ on February 4, 2013

Hi digital

I'm a noob too, but I think I can answer this one.

Those menu links are un-removable because they are taxonomy terms that have been auto-generated by Taxonomy menu.

Go to admin/structure/taxonomy (ie click: Site Settings > Structure > Taxonomy) and click to edit the relevant vocabulary. Expand 'Taxonomy menu' (if it isn't already) and change 'Menu Location' to '= DISABLED ='. Job done.

Good luck

ps For future reference, I got this wrong at the start too, there is the discussions section (where we are now) and the Q&A section (more suited to a question like this) here