Custom product variation not displayed as demo content

I created a custom product variation for one of my product types. But all content is displayed in one collumn under each other.

Ho do I get the content to display like it does in the demo: image to the left - text to the right ?

Posted: Feb 3, 2013


zet on February 5, 2013

I guess you created a new field for images and did not used the allready existing field_images. I had the same issue. Please confirm this.
If so, you will have to edit the node template for the product display. You can find that in the theme subfolder of commerce_kickstart_product_ui module and it's called node--product--type.tpl
Check for the line :

  <div class="container-24 grid-14 prefix-1 clearfix">
    <?php print render($content['product:field_images']); ?>

and edit or add accordingly to your custom image field name. Do this after you copied the template file in your templates folder of your current theme. Also, clear the cache before you can see any differences.

You can see more info here :
http://drupal.org/node/1089656#node-suggestion or here : http://drupalize.me/videos/introduction-theming-basics-drupal-7